Vocab words

 The following is a list of the vocabulary word from each lesson this year. There are no definitions - students will have to look the words up themselves as needed.

Lesson 1 vocabulary words: alien, diplomatic, galaxy, ghastly, humane, mortal, planetary, satellite, tranquil and velocity.

Lesson 2 vocabulary words : ally avert, destiny, fascinate, fugitive, gesture, invade, luminous, overture, and stellar.

Lesson 3 vocabulary words : abstract, absurd, controversial, defiant, eventual, grotesque, inferior, mere, obsolete and technique.

Lesson 4 vocabulary words : conform, consequence, deliberate, distort, excess, impact, offend, originality, reality and recoil.

Lesson 5 vocabulary words : congregates, haunt, hover, ignorance, leash, loiter, maturity, motive, signify and supervise.

Lesson 6 vocabulary words : audible, candid, conspicuous, diaphragm, idle, lenient, modest, notorious, subtle and threshold.

Lesson 7 vocabulary words : aggravate, anticipate, caliber, distract, eloquent, fulfill, maintain, phase, placid and porcelain.

 Lesson 8 vocabulary words : dashing, dismal, flaw, frail, obligation, obstinate, optional, principally, spontaneous and tiresome.

Lesson 9 vocabulary words : authentic, comparable, contemplate, dual, formal, immortal, interpret, legendary, myths and profound.

Lesson 10 vocabulary words : cherish, consistent, crucial, designate, gratify, indispensable, mythology, resolve, versatile and vigor.

Lesson 11 vocabulary words : discrimination, guarantee, illustrious, initial, legitimate, merit, moderate, moral, partial and unison.

Lesson 12 vocabulary words : constitution, elective, hypocrites, indefinite, indirect, judicial, notable, prudent, segregation and veto.

Lesson 13 vocabulary words: credible, grammatical, legible, manuscript, mastery, participate, refrain, revise, tutor and usage.

Lesson 14 vocabulary words: dialogue, editorial, faculty, forum, journal, literary, narration, persuasion, prose, and symbolic.

Lesson 15 vocabulary words: adhere, forbidding, maneuvers, minority, opponent, participants, penetrate, recommend, tactics and yield.

 Lesson 16 vocabulary words: excel, expand, fatigued, hardy, intellect, obstacle, officially, opposition, pursue and scholarship.

Lesson 17 vocabulary words: adopt, anguish, blemish, crisis, immature, inhabit, intolerable, maternal, rival and self-conscious.

Lesson 18 vocabulary words: acute, hesitation, hysterical, irritable, ridicule, tendency, timid, turmoil, vague and wretched.

Lesson 19 vocabulary words: barbarous, barons, era, fortress, grandeur, monarchy, pageant, proclamation, serf and tyrant.

Lesson 20 vocabulary words: absolute, banish, cultural, illusion, lure, perilous, status, toil, valiant and vengeance.

Lesson 21 vocabulary words: antiseptic, edible, endurance, glucose, immune, nutrition, optical, organism, parasite, and pigment.

Lesson 22 vocabulary words: camouflage, habitat, mammal, naturalist, nocturnal, preservation, seasonal, temperate, undergrowth, and zoology.

Lesson 23 vocabulary words: competent, compute, efficiency, exceed, fundamental, futile, percentage, prestige, relinquish and substantial.

 Lesson 24 vocabulary words: cancel, compensate, economical, financial, logical, memorandum, metropolitan, recognition, stationery and utility. 

Lesson 25 vocabulary words: accord, approximate, chaos, coincide, debris, elaborate, kernel, manual, mechanism, and surplus.

Lesson 26 vocabulary words : abrupt, commit, confirm, inert, infinite, magnitude, probability, radiate, random, and repel.

Lesson 27 vocabulary words: aerial, barren, diversity, ecosystem, exotic, geological, glacial, navigable, tributary and via.

Lesson 28 vocabulary words : alternate, challenge, effect, encounter, inquisitive, poach, propel, universal, unpredictable and vital.

Lesson 29 vocabulary words: capacity, digital, intermediate, intricate, minimum, perpetual, prompt, reception, speculate and stablity.

Lesson 30 vocabulary words: conifer, germinate, involuntary, photosynthesis, precaution, precise, preliminary, proportion, stationary and submerged.